The Rhodrons Club Rules & Constitution

Rules & Constitution

Last updated: 28 June 2016 16:42

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1 Name: The name of the Club shall be: - THE RHODRONS CLUB

2 Address: - The registered address of the club will be:-

The Rhodrons
Rhodrons Avenue
TELE: 0208 397 2683

3 Objects:-

(a)        The cultivation of goodwill and friendliness amongst its members. It is entirely non political and non sectarian.

(b)        To provide and maintain a Club House for the use of the Members of the Club.


(a)        Full membership shall be open to any person for an annual subscription fee agreed at the proceeding AGM, due on the 1st November of each year.

(b)        That all applicants for Membership must be over 18 years of age and of good character.

(c)        Applicants must sign a form of application and must be proposed and seconded by two separate members of the Club, who themselves must have served at least 12 months Membership. Details of the application will be posted on the notice board for seven days to enable objections to be made

(d)       Objections to new applicants must submit to the Committee their objections in writing within seven days of the application being first posted.

(e)        The application will be considered by the Management Committee or their delegated Sub-Committee and the applicant may be required to attend before the Committee

(f)        The Secretary will notify the decision of the Committee

(g)        New Members will be required to pay a joining fee as declared from time to time by the Management Committee.

(h)        Membership applications will be restricted to those living within a 5 mile radius of the club premises.

(I)        Applications for Membership will be taken from time to time at the sole discretion of the Committee

(j)         At the discretion of the Committee Corporate Membership may be granted to local businesses upon payment of an annual fee determined from time to time by the Committee. Corporate Members will have no voting rights, honorary status or hold a door entry card. The Secretary will maintain a list of Corporate Members. Access will be restricted to 10 people from the Corporate Membership list between Monday and Friday.


No candidate shall be deemed to be a member of the Club or participate in its privileges and benefits until they have been elected by the Committee and paid their first subscription.


No rejected candidate shall again be proposed as a Member until the expiration of 12 months from the date of rejection. No lapsed Members shall be eligible before a further 12 months has elapsed.


Non Payment of Subscriptions:- Failure to pay the Membership fee within 28 days of he due date may result in loss of Membership or at the committee’s discretion attract a late payment charge as declared on the notice board prior to the newel date and limited to a specific period.


No member in arrears shall be permitted to use the clubs facilities or take part in its affairs


Every Member shall produce their Membership card when called upon to do so by any person so authorised by the Committee to make such demand on the club premises.


Honorary Membership: - shall be granted to any Member having attained the age of 65 years and having been a fully paid Member for the proceeding 10 years. Honorary Membership fees will be agreed at the AGM.


Change of Address: - Members shall within 14 days give notice in writing to the Secretary and change of address. Until such time all correspondents sent to the previous address shall be deemed served.


Officers:- The following Officers and Committee Members will be elected:-


Chairman   (annually)

Treasurer   (annually)

Trustees: A maximum of three (3) who shall continue in Office until resignation or expulsion from the Club, subject to the following:-

a) The Club shall have power by resolution to nominate the persons to be appointed new Trustees but so that at no time do they exceed three in number and such persons are qualified under rule 13.


b) The Club may at any time by resolution remove a Trustee or Trustees for any reason which may appear to the Club to be sufficient and without assigning any reason and thereupon the Trustee or Trustees so removed shall for the purposes of the Trusteeship be deemed to have resigned.


c) Any deed executed by the persons who claim to be the Trustees shall in favour of a purchaser or other person acquiring any interest for money or money’s worth to be deemed to have been executed in accordance with the resolution of the Club and shall be taken to be valid in all respects.


General Committee Members 4 (2 year periods- 2 to retire annually. The Committee shall elect from amongst the four General Committee Members, one Member to serve as vice Chairman.


Social Committee Members: - 5 (five) to be elected annually


13                       Qualification for office: - Other than professional auditor shall be Membership of the Club for 2 years continuous immediately prior to the said election. No person shall hold more than one office within the Management Committee. The Commencement of two years continuous Membership reference qualification for Office shall be regarded as 1st November proceeding the date on which the Member was actually accepted into the Club.


14                       Format of the Committees: - Management Committee: - Shall consist of the Chairperson, Treasurer, General Committee Members and Trustees and Secretary.

a) Voting powers are vested in all Members, with the exception of the Treasurer, Secretary and Chairperson who shall have a casting vote.

b) A quorum of the committee shall be constituted by a minimum of 5 members.


Social Committee: - Shall consist of the 5 elected members plus 2 Co-opted Members

a) The Social Committee shall have power to co-opt a maximum of 2 additional members. Voting powers are vested in all 7 members.

b) The Social committee shall elect one member to serve as Chairperson and one member to serve as Secretary.


15                       Election to Office: - The Officers (except Trustees) and Committee Members shall be elected by ballot at the Annual General Meeting from nominations received 14 days prior to the ballot.

Every candidate shall be proposed and seconded by two separate Members entitled to vote and should signify acceptance of the proposal.

Every Member shall be entitled to one vote per vacancy

24 days prior to the ballot a notice shall be posted on the notice board inviting nominations of candidates and shall remain posted for 10 days

The names of all candidates together with propose and secondary shall be posted on the notice board 7 days before the ballot and shall remain until the ballot has been declared at the AGM.

The Management Committee following a tendering exercise of at least three potential auditors shall appoint the professional auditor on a contract term of between 3 to 5 years subject to satisfactory performance.


16                       Tellers: - The annual or special general meeting shall appoint 4 Tellers to carry out the ballot and the result shall be declared at the general meeting. In the event of a tie the vacancy will be filled by drawing lots and the drawn candidate declared as duly elected. No officer, Committee Member or candidate may be a Teller but the candidates may appoint a scrutiniser.


17                       Cessation of membership of the Committee: - Any member absent for 3 meetings without providing a reasonable excuse in advance shall be deemed to have resigned


18                       Vacancy in Office: - In the event of a vacancy on the committee the Committee   may co-opt a Club member provided the appointment is displayed on the notice board for 14 days prior to enable objections to be lodged, which will be dealt with in a constitutional manner. The co-opted Member shall complete the balance of service for the previous incumbent and will inherit full voting rights.


19                       Audit: - The auditor so appointed under Rule 15 shall provide a full set of accounts and balance sheet for each Financial. The appointed auditor may not hold Membership or any office within the Club.


20                       Accounts: - A copy of the Accounts shall be posted on the notice board 14 days prior to the AGM.


21                       Authority of the Committee:- The Committee shall conduct the general business of the Club, financial performance, regulate internal management, have power to enforce Rules, and make such by-laws as may be necessary for the conduct of the Club in conformity with these Rules.


22                       Suspension: - The committee shall have power to suspend for a period determined by the Committee or expel any member who shall infringe any rule or whose conduct in the Club shall in their opinion be prejudicial to the character or interests of the club. Appeals against expulsion will be heard after three years and every three years thereafter. A Committee member shall be empowered to order the immediate withdrawal of any Member whose conduct is in conflict with the Rules of the Club. The matter must be reported to the Committee at their next meeting, which must be within 21 days of the alleged offence. The Member shall have no right of entry until summoned to meet the Committee to answer the conduct charge or advised that said conduct charged has been dismissed. The Secretary will provide the Member 3 clear days notice to attend a meeting before the Committee. A Member will be afforded a full opportunity to advance a defence. Any decision on expulsion or suspension must be by a two-thirds majority of the Committee present to vote. Failure to attend will not effect the deliberations of the Committee

No Member who had been suspended may hold office or become a member of the Committee or Trustee


23                    Supply of Goods and Services: - The Committee or those delegated on the committees behalf in writing shall have power to give orders to tradesmen and others for goods and services to carry out the business of the Club. Major works will be subject to competitive tender of at least 3 bids, opened at a Committee meeting and minted.


24                    Hall Hire: - The Committee at its discretion may hire out the function hall for a maximum of 5 Saturdays per annum generally between May and September. The Committee will ensure such occasions do not run consecutively and further ensure to provide in liaison with the Social Committee alternative entertainment on the proceeding Friday.


25                    Social Committee Authority: - The Social committee shall meet at least monthly and through its elected representative report to the Management Committee its activities. It shall account to the Committee on all aspects of Finance involving the deployment of club funds.

The elected representative shall maintain records of income/expenditure incurred by the social Committee and retain receipts for said expenditure. These records to be maintained and made available on request to the Club Treasurer, who will produce a monthly and annual statement of Social committee financial activity.

The Social Committee shall provide entertainment and organise events as conform o the standard of the Club. These to fall within the budgetary limits of the internal Finance of the Social Committee and such sums as from time to time provided from Club funds.

The Social Committee shall at all times promote and preserve a social atmosphere within the Club and provide entertainment having regard to the general views of the Members and the provisions of a to c inclusive.


26                    Register of Members: - A register or database of Members names, addresses and date of registration will be maintained


27                    Annual General Meeting: - The Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held no later than April on a date determined by the Committee.


28                    Notice of such AGM shall be posted on the Club notice board 28 days prior to the AGM meeting date. Notice of any proposal for inclusion on the Agenda of the AGM must be submitted in writing to the Secretary 10 days prior. The AGM Agenda shall be posted on the notice board 7 days prior and only items specified on the Agenda will be discussed.


29                    Special General meeting: - The Secretary will call a Special General meeting (SGM) as follows:-

At the direction of the Committee

At the unanimous request of the Trustees

Upon request to the Secretary signed by 30 Members

An SGM will be held not less than 14 and not more than 28 days from the date of the request by the Secretary


30                    An Agenda notice of an SGM and the object for which it is called shall be posted on the Club notice board 14 days prior to the SGM meeting date. No other business other than that declared on the Agenda for the SGM shall be brought before the SGM


31                    At a General Meeting one fifth of the Membership or fifty Members in attendance, which ever is the less shall form a quorum


32                    The Secretary shall ensure the minutes of a General meeting will be posted on the Club notice board within one month of the meeting.


33                    Guests:-

(1) Every Member shall be permitted to introduce 2 guests in one calendar day. The Committee may refuse entry of a guest in the interests of the Club. Guests must be signed in before 10pm and be over 18 years.

(2) Visiting teams are deemed to be the guests of the Club team

(3) No pets are permitted on the Club premises.


34                    The name of the guest and introducing Member shall be recorded in the visitor’s book and the appropriate fee paid. The Member is deemed responsible for the conduct of their guest. Expelled, suspended or persons who have resigned at the request of the Committee shall be admitted as guests. The committee may suspend for a period of time Rule 33 as they deem appropriate.


35                    Visiting Teams: - Members of visiting teams may be admitted to the Club at the discretion of the Committee and in accordance with Licensing Laws. Refreshments and intoxicating liquor may be supplied to them for consumption on the premises only.


36                    Conduct of Members:-In addition to the requirements of the Licensing Law no disorderly conduct will be permitted and any infringement will result in the Member being dealt with in accordance with Rule 22.

Members who have hired the function hall for a private occasion are deemed to have signed in their guests. Children accompanied by a parent or guardian are permitted to use the function hall until 6:30pm. Children 14 and over may use the pool room during all opening hours. Persons under 18 years will not be served or  permitted to consume alcohol anywhere on the premises


The Club operates a No Smoking Policy at the bar(s). Members and guests are obliged to restrict smoking to those areas where ashtrays are provided.


37                    Hours of Opening and closing: - The hours of opening will be as determined from time to time by the Committee and as displayed on the Notice board. The hours of supply of intoxicants shall be such as may from time to time be determined by the Committee in accordance with the provisions of the Licensing Act 1964 and as notified to the Magistrates clerk. Provided that if an order is made under section 6, sub section 3 or 4 of said Act section 62 (2) shall apply and as may be from time to time amended by new legislation.


38                    Amendment of Rules: - Any rule of the Club may be rescinded or amended or any new rule made by a resolution carried by two-thirds of the votes given at an SGM of which notice has been given specifying the intention to propose such an amendment or new rule. Proposals for Rule amendments must be submitted in writing to the Secretary complete with the support of 30 Members who have printed and signed the proposal. The Secretary will call the SGM in accordance with Rule 29. Written notice of a Rule amendment must be provided within 28 days to all interested parties, including but not limited to the local council, police and magistrates.


39                    Inspection of Books: - The accounts of the Club shall be open to inspection by a member having so requested in writing. The Treasurer will set aside time prior to a management Meeting for said inspection.


40                    Capital: Investment: - 

(a)  any part of the capital or income of the Club which may not for the time being be immediately required to meet the usual accruing liabilities of the Club may be invested. Until so required by the Trustees in or upon any investments for the time being authorised by Law for the investment in the Club’s premises and to buy, sell and hold real estate with power to the Trustees to borrow money for any of the Club objects with or without security as the Trustees think fit and they also shall have power to vary such investments for others of a like nature.

(b)  Subject to any direction of the Committee the Trustees may if they think fit without being liable for the exercise of such discretion retain any investments (provided they do not contain any liability) or other personal property which may from time to time be given or bequeathed to the Club though not being investments authorised to be acquired hereunder or may disclaim any such property and may accept and retain or refuse any new shares, stocks, debentures or debenture stock in any company which may be allotted to them. In respect of any investments retained as aforesaid the Trustees shall not be liable for any loss which may occur by reason of any such retainer acceptance or refusal. 

(c)   In addition to the ordinary indemnity given by Law to Trustees the Trustees shall not incur any liabilities in acting on any direction given them by the Committee but may assume unless the contrary appear that every such direction was given at a duly constituted meeting of the Club or Committee in accordance with the Rules for the time being in force and that all formalities conditions and enquiries prescribed by the same were fully complied with. 

(d) Any funds of the Club shall be applied in such manner as the Committee (subject as to investments to the consent of the Trustees) consider best in the interests of the Club and in furtherance of the objects for which the Club is formed, provided that except on dissolution or winding up the Club funds shall be distributed amongst the Members.


41                    Disputes:- Disputes between the club or any officer thereof, and a Member or past Member shall be referred to a General Purposes Committee that shall be specially formed for such purpose and which shall consist of a minimum of four Members of the Management Committee. Appeals against expulsion will be heard every three years and every three years thereafter by a General Purposes Committee consisting of four Management Committee Members


42                    Dissolution: - The Club may be dissolved by the consent of three-fourths of the Members testified by their signatures to an instrument of dissolution in the form provided by Treasury Regulations. No member of less than 10 consecutive years standing shall be entitled to any share in the surplus capital or income of the Club.


43                    Any Officer or Committee Member shall be removable at any time by a majority of the Members present at a SGM called for that purpose and the vacancy or vacancies so caused shall be filled in accordance with Rule 18


44                    Any Officer or Committee Member shall be deemed to have vacated office if suspended from Membership or on ceasing Membership.


45                    By-Laws: - The Committee may from time to time make, vary, and revoke By-Laws consistent with those Rules for the internal running of the Club and conduct of Members. A list of current By-Laws will be maintained and posted on the notice board




CHAIRMAN: The Chairman or in his absence the Vice Chairman shall preside at all meetings of the Club.


TREASURER: The Treasurer shall see that the Club is registered with the Magistrates Court under the provisions of the Licensing Act and complies with current legislation. The Treasurer shall be responsible for ensuring all monies, whether received by him, the Secretary or any other Official or servant of the Club, are duly banked. He shall also see that all debts are paid as instructed by the Committee. As directed by the Committee he shall produce at meetings evidence of income and expenditure and present an up to date financial position. The Treasurer will also assume responsibility for the reconciliation of delivery notes and invoices to the stock audits. The treasurer will ensure all staff are paid using a payroll system so approved by the Inland Revenue services. The Treasurer will provide the Auditor all information as necessary to produce the audited set of Accounts.


SECRETARY: The Secretary shall be responsible for the implementation of the directions of the Committee concerning the general management of the Club and its paid servants. He shall see the Club is insured against all contingencies as directed by the Committee. He shall receive member’s subscriptions and account for these inconjuction with the Steward on the weekly income sheet. He shall maintain documents and papers as directed by the Committee. He will attend all meetings and record the minutes thereof. He will maintain a database of Member personal details including year of entry, name and address.


TRUSTEES: The Trustees shall be expected to safeguard the proper management of the Club finances in accordance with Rules and in the interest of the Club members.

All property whether real or personal shall be vested in the Trustees and shall be held by them upon trust for the Club and furthering the objects of the Club as provided by Rule 3. In the event of the Club being dissolved all such property after payment of the outstanding obligations of the Club (if any) shall be held by the Trustees for distribution in accordance with decisions reached at the dissolution meeting and in accordance with Law. In case of any vacancy, another Trustee will be appointed in accordance with Rule 18 or in accordance with the election of officers Rule 15 at an AGM. A minimum 2 Trustees and a Member shall empty all fruit machines, vending machines, telephones, visitor cash boxes as well as the 3 snooker token machines at a frequency directed by the Committee. The cash from the above shall be recorded on the weekly sheet and counter –signed by 2 Trustees and the duty Steward. All keys to be held by the Trustees.